Hi to all Oldfairbridgians. Special Notice. AGM CHANGE OF DATE

Advice is given for the Bi Annual 79th AGM to be held on the 19th March 2017. Where the RSL Complex 8 Tindale St Penrith. NSW. Time 1.30 pm. Join us for lunch at 12 noon. David Hill will be presenting an update on the recently released Fairbridge Foundation file and outcomes of the UK hearings on Child Migration. Apologies for the change of date. David is not back in Australia from the UK hearings until a few days before our AGM.

This should be a most interesting meeting. Please advise other OFs who do not email addresses of the date change.

The Fairbridge Foundation is in the process of winding up due to the settlement of the class action in 2016.

David Hill is also preparing a submission for the UK independent inquiry into Childhood Sexual Abuse. David is a key participant to the enquiry.

The submission relates to the experience of David and others who were sent from the UK to the Fairbridge Farm School at Molong in NSW.

The submission relates to” The Protection of Children outside the United Kingdom” and specifically the “Investigation into the Child Sexual Abuse related to Child Migration Programmes”

***  Whether government departments,public authorities, private and /or charitable institutions based in England and Wales took sufficient care to protect children involved in child migration programmes;

*** The extent to which government departments,public authorities  private and /or charitalbe institutions based in England and Wales were aware or should have been aware of allegations or evidence of sexual abuse concerning children in child migration programmes,and whether appropriate steps were taken in response.

***The adequacy of support and reparations offered to individuals who suffered sexual abuse relation to their inclusion in child migration programmes.

David goes on to write. In 2006 I wrote  a book titled “The Forgotten Children”. You would be aware of the litigation that followed and the award of damages of $AU 24 million in 2015 to the former Fairbridge children who were sexually and other wise abused at the Farm School. The defendants in the case included the Australian Federal Govermment, the NSW state government and the Fairbridge Foundation of NSW.

But the British and the UK Fairbridge Society were every bit as guilty..  My submission will include evidence that the British Government and the UK Fairbridge Society, did not take care to protect children at the FFS in Molong.  Regards David Hill.


The November 2016 edition has now been posted. Many thanks to our editor June Piercy for producing it and to the many contributors, we are indeed grateful for your support.

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This website is for the former children of the Fairbridge Farm School Molong NSW who migrated from Britain to Australia  between 1938 and 1974.


Many of the children who attended the Farm School have lost contact with each other and the Association. It is important that we establish contact with each other for the future generations. 

This website is also a tool to preserve the history and the memories of the Farm School and to honour the Founder, Kingsley Fairbridge.

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Details are requested for all deceased OF’s. If the children and or relatives are viewing this post, please assist. This is very important, due to the passage of time and information being lost. We can honour these OF’s, by us posting this information on the Vale section. Please assist.


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*** Molong Historical Society.  The Society has recently published its latest newsletter. Email Sue Milne for details at suemilne@colourcity.com

*** Website. A website for finding and tracing family is findandconnect.gov.au.

*** It should be noted that other web sites for the OFA are no longer ACTIVE . The historical information on them is however still relevant, but the contact details displayed, are not correct.


The Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse  submissions have now closed this being the 30th September 2016.  The Commission will terminate in December 2017.  Ring Danielle Redmond on 0477 392 754  Or ring 1800 099 340 if you require any information.


***  Notification of Extension of the Family Restoration Fund.

The Child Migrant Trust has advised that the fund is extended to March 2017. See www.childmigrantstrust.com.